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Fernand ZACOT


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Fernand ZACOT

Born in 1950 in Egypt, I arrived in Marseille where I covered my school notebooks with cartoon strips, I came to Paris in 1968 to study modern litterature, wich led me to teach during 15 years. Of course I did not print my students notebooks. Well...

I started my carrer as a cartoonist at children’s publications: "Quinze ans" Fripounet, Triolo, Pistil, Spirou, to name a few. I participed at severa television shows such as France 3: Le club d Ulysse, Les couleurs du temps... I also had the opportunity to create a series of cartoon strips, for instance : Cot cot, Spirale, L Hélcotron...

When I left the Department of Education, I permanently joined the world of lourndism with a clear cut graphic style: L’Evénement du Jeudi, l’Express, l’Expansion...among others. On numerous occasions I have collaborated for the Business press as well as for publicity (Perrier Japon, Thomson, Avis...) without forgetting the Yellows Pages.

Between 1990-1995, I realized a record cover for Nino Ferrerfor whom I also did the drawings for the video " Telephon ". In search of a more libeated style, I developped into littles books from tue roug and the painting, with tittles suc as: Noirs desseins, Lettres d’amour and Pigalle published at Pierre-Alain and Emma Floré editions.

Furthemore, my passion for stereoscopiques photos led me to participate at the exhibition - Paris 3 D - that took place of the Carnavalet Museum and later to be published at the Hors collections: Les Amoureuses, Le Bestiaire.

And last but not least I am working on a music album, author composer and singer with the participation of Marilyne Martin: Chacun pour moi.